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There are only five convenient steps to your Bachelor or Master Level Advanced Professional Certificate:

  1. On the USI website go to the register page and register. Submit your Cover Letter and Resume for conditional approval. Based on the strength of your Cover Letter and Resume, you will be notified to proceed to step 2.
  2. Upon notification to proceed, submit your Experiential Portfolio by returning to this page.  Your Experiential Portfolio will be reviewed for content, knowledge and accuracy.
  3. If your Experiential Portfolio is judged at a Bachelor or Master Advanced Professional Certificate Level, you will receive a congratulatory notice by email.   Included with your congratulatory email an invoice will be sent to you with several easy payment options to choose from.  Choose the one best for you.
  4. When paid in full, your Bachelor or Master APC will be sent to you by U.S. Mail.
  5. Enjoy all the prestige and advantages that you have acquired by obtaining your Advanced Professional Certificate from the United States Institute of Applied Knowledge.

All the above steps are completed at your own pace and time frame.   No payment is necessary until you have completed the entire process.  Relax and enjoy the process of accomplishment!

How to get your USI APC