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Nowadays, most employment applications are submitted online or by email to a “Talent Acquisition” or recruiter. The term Talent Acquisition (TA) is often used synonymously with recruiting. Recruiting is a subset of TA, and includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring. The majority of job application software has “key-word” searching capabilities and recognition. Programs that search for key words like, degree-bachelor-master-certificate-college-university-institute, for example, will by-pass applications if certain key-words are not present. Likewise, employers may reject an applicant if there is not some sort of post-secondary or graduate level attainment listed on the resume or job application. USI offers national and international professionals with an excellent opportunity to earn their Bachelor or Master Level Certificate completely online through the most flexible, quick, convenient and affordable way. The USI Advanced Professional Certificates are designed for individuals with significant accomplishments. They signify that you have reached a standard of applied knowledge of a certain profession or job. Our Advanced Professional Certificates offer the holder an array of benefits and features:

    • Convenience – complete your program at your own pace.
      • Flexibility – begin anytime/submit anytime.
        • Verification – we provide free verification inquiry response service.
          • Portability – since they do not depend on one company’s definition of a certain job, they go with you.
            • Endorsement – We strengthen your resume and professional standing by being an impartial third-party endorsement of your professional knowledge and experience.
              • Customization – Your certificate is tailored to your background
                • Payoff – Cost you less money, greater and faster return on investment, increase of salary, career advancement, pride in accomplishments, and displayable.

                Advanced Professional Certificates can outperform two year and four year degrees. On average workers with certificates earn 20 percent more than workers with only high school diplomas. They are the fastest growing form of post-secondary credentials in the United States, increasing from six percent in 1980 to twenty two percent today. Due in part to the fact they are affordable, take only months to complete and, often yield high returns.